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Magicians in our Midst

A talk on the Magical Life by Ulysses Black and Adrian Dobbie
At the Wilderness Festival 2014

Esoterrorcists Adrian Dobbie and Ulysses Black were invited Dr David Bramwell of the Odditorium and Brighton's own Catalyst Club to come to the Wilderness Festival and discuss facets of the Magical Life.
   Following an overly theatrical summoning of the demon of magic through the divine names of 'mythology', 'symbology', 'culture', 'transformation' and 'taboo' the devil appeared to Ulysses and accepted his rubber chicken offering. Both Ulysses and Adrian - the devil - stripped of the outer garments to reveal more mundane clothing, and proceeded to try to shed some of the preconceptions about magic. Using hearty anecdote and insight topics included the corporate use of symbols and sigils, the role of group and solo initiation, the magic present with western religion, the development of the personal mythology.
   The talk ran at about 30mins and occupied two slots; one on Saturday afternoon, and the other as the final slot of the weekend at 4.30 on Sunday afternoon.
   Both the of the speakers, although familiar with speaking had deliberately elected to try a free-form approach knowing only the types of topic that would be raised, while trying to keep the content of both days a little different.  

Ulysses readies the sacrifice. Photograph by Ashka D. 

Adrian Dobbie and Ulysses Black devested and in full swing. Photograph by Ashka D. 2014

Ulysses Black makes the sacrifice. Photography by Ashka D. 2014

Ulysses contemplates the inevitable. Photograph by Ashka D.