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july 2016: ixi illustrations

A selection of some of the imagery being drawn up for the forth coming publication by Jack Macbeth, IXI, a treatise on sorcery.

GISRAH by Ulysses Black



may 2016: the bear space
A FoulPlay Production


Dec 2015: The Butcher;  A Folk Opera R&D Lyme Regis

A week of Research & Development working with Paul Mosley on the theatrical and puppetry aspects of his Folk Opera telling the tale of love lost and the confounding machinations of the misguided Butcher. Click here for more imagery. 

Silhouette  of Ulysses Black during development of visual themes and experimentation with shadow puppetry, Lyme Regis 2015

Nov 2015: Voice Over for mini-web documentary Making Good by Ben Thompsett & Co for Wheel Barrow Productions. 

Illustrating the forth-coming treatise on sorcery entitled 'IXI' by Jack Macbeth

Viscera, Gore, Unknown Organs and the Dove From Above

The tapestry of the dove for the cushion cover has really taken its time. That type of filling has rapidly spiraled from pleasantly calming to infuriatingly slow. I have started punctuating the elegance of the dove on one hand, with the experimenting and manufacture of internal organs and viscera. 


Following some rather nagging and persistent mental images of cephalopod nature, I have undertaken to rid my mind of their loitering presence by manufacturing the images as cushion covers and other soft furnishings. If necessary i will be making a very small stack of the various designs for sale at  the shop, on this site, if it opens.

octopus ulysses black
descending dove ulysses black


The deliciously decadent FoulPlay Chess Table carved into 7-ply by Tandem Set & Scenery, decorated by Jack Stigner and designed by Ulysses Black

The freshly crafted FoulPlay Lego table designed by Ulysses Black and produced by Jack Stigner at the Tandem workshop

The local rag mentions us, albeit briefly, with a pic here.

The table design for one of the three 'Farmer' areas in which the general public can interact with the farmer while the fox attempts to steal the farmers Produce. Shown here is the design for the 'Lego Challenge' table, loosely based on old matchbox designs.

The basic design for the engraved table top for the Fox Hunt three card 'find the lady' - two hounds and a fox. As with the other table tops the design aesthetic is derived from old match boxes. 

The chess table design. The white areas, like the dark lines of the Lego table are carved out with a digital router, before paint and distressing textures are applied.
   Note the presence of the four knights at the corners, continuing the theme of the four horsemen in each and every foulplay show. 

A fresh crop of foxes tails for the forth coming shows. Deliberate descision was made to 'dumb down' the tails and make them intrinsically desirable given that the show takes places around their theft while amongst a potentially 'enthusiastic' public audience.

The first clutch of rubber chickens is joined by another 40 donated as a gift by a patron of the company. Bizarrely each one has a slightly different tone, yielding a terrifyingly plastic cacophany strangely apt for such a gaggle. 


Preliminary example of material covered within the proposed RRR performance

Preliminary example of material covered within the proposed RRR performance

BlackBoard one 2mx1m board size.

BlackBoard one 2mx1m board size.

Building the frames for the 7 blackboards for RRR

Building the frames for the 7 blackboards for RRR

Ritual, Ritual: Ritual - A Three Part Performance lecture

For completion and staging in early September 2013, this performance lecture which uses large freestanding wheeled boards, focuses on 7 lessons that address the practice of ritual, hoping to inform and inspire the seven audience members sufficiently equipping them for an experiment in ritual.
   On board at the moment to appear in the threefold performance are dramaturge and director, Jack Stigner, and accomplished ritual performer Adrian Dobbie.
   What starts as a lecture on ritual themes, evolves into a ritual practice undertaken by the audience over a span of 40minutes.
   This show is scheduled to appear at Brighton's performance art venue The Basement, on 11th September 2013. There will three shows that evening, so places are extremely limited. 

Preliminary drafting of aspects of the proposed performance

Preliminary drafting of aspects of the proposed performance


I: Ritual
[working title] 

The first phase of Ulysses Black's comprehensive assessment of the nature of ritual and its practice. This is the principle area of specialisation for Ulysses Black. As the result of over twenty years of exploration and research into ritual; its mechanics and artistry, this book should offer the reader and ritual practitioner many new and intricate possibilities to incorporate into the development of ritual practices.
   There is no critical biographical context for this work, it spanning such a long period. formal work on the book spans 2011 onwards.  

This will also be accompanied with performance, performance lectures and workshops all dealing exclusively with the structures and practices of ritual. 


An exhaustive analysis of the tarot as a means of developing personal symbolic vocabularies with which to navigate and understand ones life. It forms an extremely personal, and some might say controversial appraisal of the tarot. There is a biographical context for the work, and itself forms part of the authors magical diary. This covers the period from 2010 onwards. The manuscript is of a significant size, and requires considerable expansion and editing to bring it to a publishable state. 

Hunting Bison

A small volume detailing the magico-artistic ordeal undertaken by Ulysses Black and Matthew Delahunt in 2010. This undertaking is described in the UB-Initiative
   The book contains the 54 section diary of the ordeal, photographic documentation and reflective essays.

Cover designed for use in the pre Hunting Bison proposal material for viewing by prospective land owners.

The Voyage of Ulysses Black - complete edition 

This is the second edition of the book which details the first phase of the Ulysses Black Initiative. Because the creation of the first edition (2009) was itself part of the Ulysses Black Initiative, this revised edition spans the full publicly declared Explorations in Mythology, with additional reflective material on Authentic Action. 
   The book is large format, full colour with lavish imagery and layout. It is currently awaiting sufficient funds to be printed.

The Device [working title] 

An account of the magical operation of the Device, with complete description of the procedure and instructions for the creation of such an enigmatic artefact. The biographical context for this work covers late 2007 and early 2008.


Lino Print (digital colour) diagram plotting the principle iconography of IXI Sorcery. 2005

IXI: The Grimoire of the Crossroads [working title] by Jack macbeth

An in-depth treatise on sorcery with particular emphasis on its practice and methodology. The biographical element of this work covers the period of time between 2002, (following the publication of the Totemic Invocation of the Shadow Selves)  and reached its apex around 2008, before returning to the shadows once again.


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