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Over the years Ulysses Black has published numerous works detailing his work with ritual and related subjects.
While the emphasis remains on ritual practice, much of the material has a strong biographical edge. Publications worked on in an exclusively design capacity are listed on the image page here. Only those publications acknowledged as written by the author are listed below (some items remain anonymous or written under pseudonyms). Notes pertaining to acknowledged works in development may be viewed here.

Published Work


Alderney: The Devil's Rock


Book on the mythology and folklore of the Channel Island Alderney. Co-written with Lazarus Ravenscroft. 294pp, Colour throughout. 

From the back cover:
"For the first time the history of unseen Alderney is laid bare. The horrific is pitted against the absurd, the historic against the fabricated in an uncompromising foray into the strange world of cryptotheology. Over the course of seven years, in homage to the Island of their birth, the authors have drawn on two life times of supernatural enquiry and passion for the folklore of Alderney. With a careful hand and wry smile, the authors weave together scientific method, historic data, local anecdote and personal experience to produce the first compendium of Island lore. In this book, Ravenscroft and Black draw back the veil of modernity and offer the reader an ancient vision of Alderney: an Island that speaks to the hearts of its populace, an Island yearning for its birthright to be restored. Alderney is no insignificant idyll; it is a living entity, a shepherd of the unknown, a mother to blasphemy and the daughter of heresy. And it is on the rise again... for none can resist the siren song of the Devil’s Rock."

 “The Devil’s Rock is a witty and stylish book that pieces together the fragments of folklore and tales of Alderney and fills the gaps with some imaginative interpolation... The author’s narrative combines the styles of H.P.Lovecraft and M.R. James to produce a very satisfying account of the folklore of Alderney...”


Robert McDowall
President of The Folklore Society

contact Alderney Cycle and Surf for inquiries about this title.   

3rd edition: 2018
2nd ed: 2011
1st ed: 2010

Front cover. Design by Ulysses Black

The Hidden Forest

Review of Antero Ali's film Hidden Forest followed an interview with him for sittingnow.com. Review viewable here

Mar 2010

The Voyage of Ulysses Black

Large format full colour 94pp. Limited edition of 22 copies. Text and design by Ulysses Black

The Voyage of Ulysses Black charts the numerous ritual activities over two formative years that saw the invocation and emergence of Ulysses Black. The book is structured with a section on 'prehistory' and is followed in the first edition by documentation and theory describing the first seven 'Explorations in Mythology', with the revised and expanded 2nd edition, adding the subsequent eighth and ninth Explorations, with additional essays on the nature of Authentic Action. 


1st ed: 2010
(2nd expanded ed awaiting printing)

Howlings: Getting to the Point - by Jack Macbeth

Under the pseudonym Jack Macbeth, Ulysses Black contributed an essay to Scarlet Imprint's second publication on the nature of demonic magic.   The essay detailed the author's own approach to working with the esoteric text Qutub by Andrew D. Chumbley (Published by Fulgar 1995) during the total solar eclipse over Alderney in 1999. This took the form of a 'campaign working' addressing the sufic practices and ritual interpretation of the magical formula present within the enigmatic ritual-poem.    

Scarlet Imprint books available here

1st ed: 2008
2nd ed:  2009
Scarlet Imprint 

The Totemic Invocation of the Shadow Selves - by Jack Macbeth

Detailing a ritual campaign based on ritual practice of the time and following on from the work published later in Howlings. The subject involves the practice of totemic invocation, dream work and black mirror work. This is the first book that gave rise to the author's use of black mirror following his work beneath the total eclipse of 1999. Black mirror work then featured notably in: The Psychomanteum (2008), The Voyage of Ulysses Black (2009), The Scarlet Imprint Summer of Love performance (2010), and the Invocation of Ritual (2013). 

Copies occasionally available from Caduceus Books here

Pub: 2002


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