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The FoulPlayers of the Stars and Skull Saloon, for Epoch! Brighton Fringe 2009.

Doors open at ‘The Star and Skull saloon’ offering free whiskey to all! The whiskey – ‘the water of life’ - is a resource reflecting the commodities of our times and the very spirit of humanity. The 19thC saloon and its bar, an allegory for the Earth itself, is owned by two supreme brothers who detach themselves from the insignificant dealings that their bar conceals: a kernel of characters plotting and trading with their ‘stars’ over the clamour of an old landowner’s anecdotal mumblings. As fellow patrons of the bar, the audience find themselves engaging with the stories and schemes of these characters, directly influencing their fortunes through discourse and financial dealings.

   These narratives are constantly jostled and buffeted by the elemental forces of the Bordello Parlour Doves, a barometer of pathetic fallacy, sharing insight, joviality and the ominous portents of a future without whiskey.

Conceived by Jack Stigner and Ulysses Black, Epoch! began working with the concept of the given signifiers of time following the progression of the seasons through a calendar year and taking the original rulers of our days, months and years. Exploring the nature of commodity, the value of money and ultimately the relationship humanity forges with the environment, FoulPlay create an allegorical locale that questions current values hidden within the context of a ‘laissez-faire’ theatrical experience. FoulPlay’s manipulation of the firmament juxtaposes historical setting and contemporary situation without making its implication fundamental.

Ulysses Black co-wrote, designed and performed within this production. 
   Jack Stigner co-wrote, directed and performed within this production. 
   Other performers included: William Eden, Sarah Delmonte, Annie Brooks, Han Nicholls, Howard Sivills, Alex Manion-Jones, Merry Colchester, Jonny Wardlow, Nyeka Bennet, Chloe Penney and Astral De la Mare.



22-25 May
Marlborough Theatre
Brighton Fringe 2009

FoulPlayer Astral de la Mare as tarot reader 'Miss Fortune'. In a chilling fortelling it becomes apparent through the show that every card in her pack is death for the client...

Brother Casio (FoulPlayer Liability Eden), co-owner of the Star & Skull Saloon. Promotional poster design by Ulysses Black 2009

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