ulysses black

ulysses black

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The Scarlet Imprint Summer of Love

Featuring Ulysses Black 
aka Jack Macbeth

Presented here is the film by Ken Eakins and associates of SittingNowTV documenting the various talks from the occult conference in august 2011.

I had chosen to discuss the various facets of magical living and identity along with insights into my own methodology. Being a performer I have grown to loathe talks and presentations delivered dryly and verbatim from a pre-written text. I elected to effectively waffle off-the-cuff following several small post-it notes of topics. The result is what you see above. I have not had the capability to watch more than the first 3mins, so i honestly cannot recall if it is any good. the audience seemed to enjoy it, i hope you do to.  - Ulysses Black