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ulysses black

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Doctor Lazarus Ravenscroft

Captain Ulysses Black

Front cover

The first compendium of the mythology of the Channel Island of Alderney by two natives. 

From the back cover:

"For the first time the history of unseen Alderney is laid bare. The horrific is pitted against the absurd, the historic against the fabricated in an uncompromising foray into the strange world of cryptotheology. Over the course of seven years, in homage to the Island of their birth, the authors have drawn on two life times of supernatural enquiry and passion for the folklore of Alderney. With a careful hand and wry smile, the authors weave together scientific method, historic data, local anecdote and personal experience to produce the first compendium of Island lore. In this book, Ravenscroft and Black draw back the veil of modernity and offer the reader an ancient vision of Alderney: an Island that speaks to the hearts of its populace, an Island yearning for its birthright to be restored. Alderney is no insignificant idyll; it is a living entity, a shepherd of the unknown, a mother to blasphemy and the daughter of heresy. And it is on the rise again... for none can resist the siren song of the Devil’s Rock."

With this additional recommendation:

 “The Devil’s Rock is a witty and stylish book that pieces together the fragments of folklore and tales of Alderney and fills the gaps with some imaginative interpolation... The author’s narrative combines the styles of H.P.Lovecraft and M.R. James to produce a very satisfying account of the folklore of Alderney...”

Robert McDowall
President of The Folklore Society

The Devil's Rock, in its first and second editions were PUR bound paperbacks with colour images and text throughout 294 pages. 


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